Glen Davis Holiday Retreat and Accomodation

 Holiday Accommodation in the Capertee Valley



Our holiday property in the Capertee Valley, The Poplars has 2 cottages providing updated services and furnishings. The Inspectors Cottage and The General Managers Cottage at The Poplars are surrounded by the majestic escarpments of The Wollemi National Park & back onto the Colo River and the wilderness beyond.

Our cottages have been popular with Artists and Art schools, Bird watching groups, Bush Walkers and walkers, photographers and photographic groups, Photo clubs and video and music recording workshops and people who may have been connected to the old Oil Shale processing works that closed in 1952.

Capertee Valley

The Capertee Valley was discovered early in the 19th century – a spectacular valley laid down some 250 million years ago. It spans 30 kms and is the second largest enclosed valley in the world. Although only 3 hours west of Sydney, it is relatively isolated. It offers breathtakingly majestic views of towering cliffs and valleys. It lies adjacent to the largest wilderness in the world heritage classified Wollemi National Park, and is renowned for the recent discovery of the Wollemi Pine (dates back some 150 million years) and other unique flora and fauna. It is regarded as a significant bird watching area, in particular, it is one of the habitats for the threatened Regent Honey Eater.


The Capertee Valley is 230 km from Sydney, either accessed along the Great Western highway via Katoomba or the Bells Line Rd. via Windsor. After reaching Lithgow, take the Mudgee Road (HWY 86) to Capertee. After the Capertee Road house, turn first right along the scenic Glen Davis Road **. Travel 22 Kms. to the first property ” The Kurrajongs “.

** The petrol station at Capertee Station is your last chance to buy petrol and stores for some distance. There are no local shops in Glen Davis.